Introduction to Adverity

The journey of your data

When you start using Adverity, your marketing data may be scattered in many different data sources. These sources follow their own conventions for formatting data. Because of this, making sense of the data is a real challenge. To solve this problem with the help of Adverity, follow this work process:

  • In the Connect Data platform area, you can:

    • Create datastreams to collect data from many different sources.

    • Authorize Adverity to access your data sources and destinations.

    • Monitor your activity in the Adverity platform.

  • In the Manage Data platform area, you can:

    • Create enrichments to transform and tailor your data.

    • Map the fields in your data extracts to harmonize data from different data sources.

  • In the Use Data platform area, if your plan includes this feature, you can:

    • Create tables and charts to further analyze and visualize your data.

    • Present and share your data on customizable dashboards.

    • Obtain AI-powered insights into your data and recommendations to optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns.

The diagrams below show the work processes you can use to perform these steps in the Connect Data, Manage Data and Use Data platform areas.

Your journey through the Connect Data, Manage Data and Use Dataplatform areas

Navigating the user interface

The platform navigation menu on the left is divided into three platform areas, which in turn contain a number of pages. These platform areas are:

  • Connect Data, made up of the following pages:

    • Datastreams

    • Authorizations

    • Activity

  • Manage Data, made up of the following pages:

    • Enrichments

    • Data Dictionary

  • Use Data, made up of the following pages:

    • Data Explorer

    • Dashboards

    • Proactive Analytics

    • Destinations

Depending on how Adverity is implemented for your organization, you see all or some of these features. For example, if you have subscribed to Adverity via a marketplace, you do not have access to Data Explorer or Dashboards. To get access to Adverity platform areas and pages, please contact us.

The image below shows the layout of the platform navigation menu in Adverity.

The Adverity interface