The journey of your data

When you start using Adverity, your marketing data may be scattered in many different data sources. These sources follow their own conventions for formatting data. Because of this, making sense of the data is a real challenge. To solve this problem with the help of Adverity, follow this work process:

  • Collect marketing data from many different sources into a unified platform.

  • Modify and transform data.

  • Harmonize and consolidate data.

  • Transfer your data to Adverity’s own marketing reporting module or an external Destination.

  • Analyze the data and present your insights.

  • Receive AI-powered suggestions to optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Adverity workflow

This guide does not cover the whole functionality of Adverity. For more information on advanced features, see Guides and Reference.

Navigating the user interface

The six tabs in the top navigation panel are called elements. The six elements form three modules in the following way:

  • Connect, Enrich & Transfer

  • Explore & Present, Adverity's marketing reporting solution

  • Reveal

Depending on how Adverity is implemented for your organization, you see all or some of these groups. For example, if you have subscribed to Adverity via a marketplace, you do not have access to Explore & Present. To get access to Adverity modules, please contact us.

The content of the left navigation panel changes depending on the page you see.

With the Select Workspace button, you access the list of Workspaces in your organization and the Workspace administration page.

Main parts of the Adverity interface