Get started with Adverity

This section of our documentation will introduce you to the Adverity platform and guide you through the key steps of working with Adverity.

Welcome to Adverity!

The following quick guides will help you get started with Adverity and familiarize yourself with the simple Adverity workflow.

  1. Get to know Adverity - find out how the platform works and what you can achieve using Adverity.

  2. Create a datastream to collect your data from a data source of your choice.

  3. Apply Data Mapping to your data so you can compare data from different data sources.

  4. Load your data into Adverity Data Storage or destinations so it is available where you need it:

    • Load data into Adverity Data Storage so you can analyze it in Adverity

    • Load data into external destinations for further processing outside Adverity

  5. Create widgets and a dashboard to explore and present the data you have loaded into Adverity Data Storage.

After completing all of these guides, you will have collected and harmonized your data, loaded it into the tools you want to use, and created a dashboard that contains the data you want to present.

Our Glossary contains useful definitions of important terms used in the Adverity platform and documentation.