Collecting data in Adverity

This guide explains how to create and configure a datastream to collect the data you need from a data source available in Adverity.


The process of collecting data from your chosen data source in Adverity is made up of six simple steps. When you start creating a datastream, Adverity takes you through these steps in our datastream wizard:

  1. Type: Choose the data source from which you want to collect data.

  2. Authorization: Allow Adverity to access your chosen data source.

  3. Template: Use a datastream template, either your own or provided by Adverity, or choose to configure your own datastream.

  4. Configuration: Create a datastream to collect the data you need.

  5. Destinations: Choose and assign a destination if you want to send your data outside Adverity.

  6. Initial fetch: Run a fetch to collect your data.

This guide will take you through every step of creating a datastream in Adverity, but does not contain connector-specific information. For detailed instructions on how to collect data from a specific connector, see our connector guides.

Creating a datastream

To start creating a datastream, follow these steps:

  1. Select the workspace you work with in Adverity and then, in the platform navigation menu, click Datastreams.

  2. In the top right corner, click + Create datastream.

Type: Choose your data source

To select the connector from which you want to collect data, follow these steps:

  1. Search for and click your chosen data source.

  2. Click Next.

Authorization: Allow Adverity to access your data source

To enable Adverity to collect data from your data source, you need to create an authorization. You can use authorizations in multiple datastreams.

  1. Authorize Adverity to access your data source using one of the following options:

    • Use an existing authorization

      If Adverity has already been authorized to access your data source, we recommend using an existing authorization to create a new datastream.

      This helps to ensure that you do not accidentally create multiple identical authorizations.

    • Access using your credentials

      If you have an account for your chosen data source with the required permissions, choose Access using your credentials to use your credentials to authorize Adverity.

    • Access using someone else's credentials

      If you do not have the required permissions to authorize Adverity, but someone else does, choose Access using someone else's credentials to ask a colleague to authorize Adverity for you.

      After they have authorized Adverity to access your data source, you will receive a notification.

      To continue creating a datastream, follow the steps above to start the datastream wizard again, select your data source, and then in this step, choose the new authorization from the list of existing authorizations.

For detailed information about authorizing data sources with additional authorization steps, see our individual connector guides.

Template: Choose a datastream template

  1. Choose an Adverity datastream template to use or select Custom configuration to set up the datastream yourself.

Configuration: Choose the data you want to collect

  1. Adjust the settings for your datastream to ensure that you only collect the data you need.

    The settings in this step will vary depending on your chosen connector. For detailed information about configuring a datastream to fetch data from a specific data source, see our connector guides.

Destinations: Choose where to transfer your data

  1. Search for and select the checkbox next to all destinations where you would like to transfer your data.

    For detailed information about individual destinations and their settings, see our destination guides.

Run initial fetch: Collect data using your new datastream

  1. Choose the time period about which you want to collect data.

  2. Click Run fetch.

Viewing the data you have collected

After fetching data for the first time, you are automatically taken to the datastream overview page for the datastream you have just created.

  1. To view the data you have collected, scroll down the page to the All tasks tab and click the hyperlink in the Data extracts column as shown in the image below.

What's next?