Collecting data from Adobe Analytics 2.0

This guide explains how to collect data from Adobe Analytics 2.0. To learn how to collect data from a different data source, go back to the Available data sources in Adverity overview.


For a list of the fields that you can collect from Adobe Analytics 2.0, see Adobe Analytics.


Collecting data from Adobe Analytics 2.0 comes with the following limitations:

  • Adobe Analytics 2.0 applies practical limitations to the number of columns that can be collected in a single fetch. A high number of dimensions included in a fetch will increase the complexity of the queries to be performed, resulting in very long load times. To overcome this limitation, minimize the number of selected dimensions for quicker fetch times.

  • Adobe Analytics 2.0 can collect a maximum of 1 million rows per single report. To fetch more data than this, split your fetch into smaller date ranges in the Initial Fetch step of creating a datastream.


Before you start collecting data from Adobe Analytics 2.0, perform all of the following actions:

  • To connect Adobe Analytics to Adverity, generate a key pair and download the private key. For more information, see the Adobe Documentation.

Creating a datastream to collect data from Adobe Analytics 2.0

The basics of creating a datastream to collect data from any data source are explained in our guide to Creating a datastream. This guide contains information about the specific steps to create a datastream to fetch data from Adobe Analytics 2.0.

Configuration: Choose the data you want to collect from Adobe Analytics 2.0

To choose what data to collect and customize the Adobe Analytics 2.0 datastream configuration, follow these steps:

  1. (Optional) Rename your datastream.

  1. In Company and Report suite, select the company and report suite for which to collect data.

  1. In Dimensions and Metrics, change the list of fields that you want to see in your data extract. Select at least one dimension and one metric.

For information on configuring other Adobe Analytics 2.0 fields, see Advanced Adobe Analytics 2.0 tips.

What's next?

Troubleshooting Adobe Analytics 2.0

My Adobe Analytics 2.0 fetch is taking a long time

Adobe Analytics 2.0 fetches can take some time if you are collecting data for three or more dimensions.

To resolve this issue, select a maximum of two dimensions when configuring your datastream settings.

Advanced Adobe Analytics 2.0 tips

Configuring data collection from Adobe Analytics 2.0

In the Settings tab of your Adobe Analytics 2.0 datastream overview, you can configure a number of additional settings:


Select the report segments for which to collect data.

Combine Segments

Select this checkbox to combine the data based on the selected segments. If you do not select this checkbox, Adverity returns data for each segment separately.