Collecting data from Brandwatch

This guide explains how to collect data from Brandwatch. To learn how to collect data from a different data source, go back to the Available data sources in Adverity overview.


For a list of the fields that you can collect from Brandwatch, see Brandwatch.

  • Brandwatch can collect a maximum of 1 million rows per single report. To fetch more data than this, split your fetch into smaller date ranges in the Initial Fetch step of creating a datastream.

Creating a datastream to collect data from Brandwatch

The basics of creating a datastream to collect data from any data source are explained in our guide to Creating a datastream. This guide contains information about the specific steps to create a datastream to fetch data from Brandwatch.

Configuration: Choose the data you want to collect from Brandwatch

To choose what data to collect and customize the Brandwatch datastream configuration, follow these steps:

  1. (Optional) Rename your datastream.

  1. In Report type, select the type of data to collect from Brandwatch.

  1. In Projects, Queries, and Queries Groups, select the projects, queries, and queries groups for which to collect data. If you do not select any items in a drop-down list, Adverity collects data for all items in the drop-down list.

  1. In Time granularity, choose whether to collect data using total or daily granularity.

  2. In Metric, select the metric for which to collect data.

  1. In Dimensions, change the list of fields that you want to see in your data extract.

What's next?

Advanced Brandwatch tips

Data restrictions

For information on data restrictions, see the Brandwatch documentation.

Report types

To select the type of data to collect from Brandwatch, choose from the following report types:


Each time the brand name appears online.

Mentions (from Fulltext)

Provides the full text when someone writes a post mentioning a brand.

Basic Aggregations (Select two dimensions)

Customizes report based on two chosen dimensions.


Analyzes sentence structures and provides topics and sub-topics in which the brand is mentioned.

Twitter Insights (Hashtags)

Finds hashtags that are connected to a brand.

Top Sites

Shows the websites where the brand has the most mentions.

Top Authors

Shows who writes the most about the brand.

Top Tweeters

Shows who tweets the most about the brand.

Top 10 New Stories

Finds top 10 mentions of the brand.

Trending Topics

Finds trending topics and checks if the brand is mentioned within them.