Collecting data from Google Sheets

This guide explains how to collect data from Google Sheets. To learn how to collect data from a different data source, go back to the Available data sources in Adverity overview.

  • Google Sheets can collect a maximum of 1 million rows per single report. To fetch more data than this, split your fetch into smaller date ranges in the Initial Fetch step of creating a datastream.

Creating a datastream to collect data from Google Sheets

The basics of creating a datastream to collect data from any data source are explained in our guide to Creating a datastream. This guide contains information about the specific steps to create a datastream to fetch data from Google Sheets.

Configuration: Choose the data you want to collect from Google Sheets

To choose what data to collect and customize the Google Sheets datastream configuration, follow these steps:

  1. (Optional) Rename your datastream.

  1. In Spreadsheet link, enter the URL of the Google Sheets spreadsheet.

  2. (Optional) In Export type, select the data format you want Adverity to use in the data extract.

  3. (Optional) To name the data extract the same as the Google Sheets spreadsheet, select the Keep filename checkbox.

What's next?

Advanced Google Sheets tips

Fetching multiple sheets

To fetch multiple sheets from your Google Sheets data source, follow these steps:

  1. Select the workspace you work with in Adverity and then, in the platform navigation menu, click Datastreams.

  2. Open the Google Sheets datastream by clicking on its name.

  3. In the top navigation panel, click Settings.

  4. In the advanced settings, in the Export type, select Excel.

  5. Click Save.

  6. In the top navigation panel, click Overview.

  1. In the Enrichments section, click + Assign enrichment.

  2. Click Create new enrichment.

  1. Click Custom Script.

  2. Select the xlsx enrichment. For more information on the enrichment configuration, see xlsx.

  3. Click Next and then click Create +.

  4. Fetch data for the datastream.