Collecting data from different data sources

Before you start using Adverity, your marketing data may be scattered in many different data sources. To solve this problem with the help of Adverity, collect data in one place.

This section of the Adverity documentation contains guides that will show you how to collect data from your chosen data source. Click the name of your chosen data source in the list on the left to learn more about it, or get started by clicking one of our most popular connectors below.

The list of connectors is under development. At the moment, it does not contain all the connectors that Adverity offers. To learn more about connectors not listed below, contact your Adverity representative or send a request to our Support team.

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Data (GA4)

Google Sheets

Instagram Business

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Organizations & Brands

TikTok Ads

Twitter Ads