Introduction to the Authorizations page

The Authorizations page is where you manage the authorizations that allow you to collect data from your chosen data sources.

An authorization gives Adverity access to a data source or a destination. You need to create an authorization to collect data and load it into external destinations. You can use one authorization to create multiple datastreams and destinations.

After you have created at least one authorization, the Authorizations page provides an overview of your authorizations.

  1. This notification appears when there is a pending authorization in your workspace. This notification appears for all users. Click the link to see a list of authorization emails that have been sent.

  2. Use these filters to view your authorizations according to different properties. See below for more information about these filters.

  3. Click here to create an authorization.

  4. Click here to search for an authorization by Name.

  5. Click here for more options. The options available here depend on your role and permissions. For more information, see Managing user permissions.

The table in the middle of the Authorizations page contains important information about your authorizations in the following columns:

  • Type - the data source to which this authorization applies

  • Name - the name of this authorization

  • Workspace - the workspace in which this authorization was created

  • Created - the date and time at which this authorization was created

  • Last used - the date and time at which this authorization was most recently used

  • Billing objects - the number of billing objects (e.g. accounts, pages) that belong to this authorization

  • Datastreams - the number of datastreams that use this authorization

  • Access granted - whether access has been granted for this authorization

The filters above the table allow you to view specific authorizations in the table. You can apply more than one filter at the same time to view specific authorizations:

  • Workspace - displays all authorizations that are used in the selected workspace

  • Data source - displays all authorizations for the selected data source

  • Access granted - Yes displays all authorizations for which access has been granted, and No displays all authorizations for which access has not been granted

You can also use the search bar to search for authorizations by the Name column in the table. You can use the search function with or without filters applied.

Click Select an action in a specific authorization's row in the table to perform additional actions with this authorization. The actions you can perform are:

  • Delete - displays a list of objects that will be affected if you delete this authorization, and allows you to delete this authorization

  • Sync metadata - manually update metadata - for more information, see Synchronizing metadata

  • Validate authorization - this verifies that the authorization is valid

  • Export billing objects as CSV - exports a CSV file containing a list of the billing objects that belong to this authorization