Creating widgets with calculated KPIs

This guide explains how to use calculated KPIs in your widgets.


Calculated key performance indicators (calculated KPIs) are metrics calculated based on other metrics. Calculated KPIs are often the sum or the ratio of other metrics. For example, the cost per click (CPC) calculated KPI is the ratio of the costs metric and the clicks metric. Other examples are cost per mille (CPM) and the conversion rate.

Adverity displays calculated KPIs in the Explore element in green with the sign.

Do not retrieve Calculated KPIs from data sources. Aggregating calculated KPIs from different data sets can result in incorrect data. Instead, collect the component metrics and let Adverity compute the calculated KPI based on the component metrics.

For more information on calculated KPIs, see Using calculated KPIs.


Before you complete the procedure in this guide, perform all of the following actions:


To create a widget with calculated KPIs, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Explore element and select the Workspace you work with in Explore & Present.

  1. Next to the View tabs at the top of the page, click Create new view.

  2. In the Dimensions panel, click Datasource to see the options for this field. Click Remove.

  3. In the list in the left navigation panel, select a dimension. This guide uses Campaign Name as an example.

  4. In the list in the left navigation panel, select the following metrics:

    • Costs

    • Clicks

    • CPC

As a result, you have created a table that displays three values for each marketing campaign:

  • The cost of the campaign.

  • The clicks the campaign has generated.

  • The amount you invested to generate a click in the campaign.

The CPC (cost per click) metric is a calculated KPI. The values in the CPC column are not retrieved from the data source. Adverity calculates the CPC values by dividing the values of the other two metrics.