Introduction to Data Explorer


Data Explorer allows you to create widgets to analyze and visualize your data.

A widget is an individual element on a dashboard. Use Data Explorer to create table and chart (visualization) widgets based on your data. You can also add image, video, and text widgets to your dashboard.

In Data Explorer, you create and edit widgets in a view. Only views that are added to a dashboard as a widget are saved.

To start using Data Explorer, load data from datastreams into Adverity Data Storage.


Before you complete the procedure in this guide, perform all of the following actions:

Only data loaded into Adverity Data Storage is available in Data Explorer.


To create a widget in Data Explorer, follow these steps:

  1. Selecting data to add to a widget

    Select data for the widget from the data loaded into Adverity Data Storage.

    A data table is automatically created based on your selection.

  2. Configuring data tables

    Configure how selected data is displayed in the data table and optionally add a table widget to a dashboard.

  3. Creating visualizations

    Create a visualization based on the data table and add the configured visualization widget to a dashboard.

What's next?

Once you have created a widget in Data Explorer, add it to a dashboard. For more information, see Introduction to the Dashboards page.