Using the Enrichment Copilot

This guide explains how to use the Enrichment Copilot.


The Enrichment Copilot is a natural language assistant that helps you to create custom script enrichments. Ask the Copilot to help you configure an instruction to achieve the following goals:

  • Choose and configure the best-suited instruction for your transformation request.

  • Create and configure Python and RegEx expressions to configure your custom script enrichment.

The Enrichment Copilot will process your specific data transformation request and respond with the right enrichment configuration.

The Enrichment Copilot uses AI models to generate its responses. Some of the models are developed by Adverity and some are provided by a third party, OpenAI.
The Enrichment Copilot processes only the prompts submitted by users. The Enrichment Copilot does not have access to data stored in Adverity, such as data extracts and user details.

The Enrichment Copilot appears at the Instructions step when creating a custom script enrichment.

Asking the Enrichment Copilot for an instruction

The Copilot accepts requests for a single data transformation step and responds with a suitable enrichment instruction and its full configuration.

For the best results, phrase your requests in the following ways:

  • A clear instruction

    • In the Campaign column, replace the symbol + with &.

    • Return only values which contain "Mobile" in the Device column.

    • Add a new column that calculates my ROI.

    • Add values to the metadata of my data extract.

  • A sentence starting with "I want to..." or "I would like to..."

    • I want to capitalize the values in the Channel column.

    • I would like to convert my date column format to YYYY-MM-DD.

    • I want to remove duplicate rows and display a unique list of values of my data extract.

    • I want to add a column containing data from the metaheader.

  • A clarifying query about the custom script fields

    • How to fill the Pattern field to extract numbers

    • What Python expression to use to capitalize each word in a string

    • How to use a subtable

Do not include personal or confidential information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or personal identification, in your requests for the Enrichment Copilot.

Using the Enrichment Copilot

The following information will help you get the most from our Enrichment Copilot:

  • The Copilot only configures a single custom script instruction each time you ask for an instruction.

    If your request includes several transformations, for example: "I want to add a new column called Campaign and convert my Channel column", the Copilot will only configure an instruction for the first part of the request.

    To configure both transformation instructions, ask the Copilot for two separate instructions: "I want to add a new column called Campaign" and "I want to convert my Channel column".

    For more information on the request phrasing, see Asking the Enrichment Copilot for an instruction.

  • The Copilot does not save previous conversations.

    When you click Start new conversation the current conversation is ended and previous responses are lost. Additionally, if you reload or close the page, all responses are lost.

  • The Copilot is designed to help you configure custom script enrichments.

    The Copilot can help you with the following tasks:

    • Selecting a custom script instruction to use for a specific task

    • Configuring a specific custom script instruction

    • Understanding the fields used in the custom script, for example, when to use the distinct join option in the join instruction

    • Using Python and RegEx expressions in Adverity

    • Debugging custom script enrichments

    The Copilot is not trained to answer questions about specific fields in your data, other enrichment types, or other Adverity features.

  • The Copilot uses your feedback to improve its responses.

    After the Copilot provides a response, please use the feedback buttons to tell the Copilot if its instruction is correct. If the instruction is not correct, please enter the correct configuration in the corresponding field. This will help the Copilot provide better responses in future.

  • The Copilot can only answer requests in English.

Video guide: How to create custom scripts using the Enrichment Copilot

This video guide explains how the Enrichment Copilot works and how to request help from the Copilot when creating a custom script enrichment.