Introduction to the Destinations page

The Destinations page is where you manage your destinations.

An external destination is an external tool (e.g. Looker Studio) into which you can load the data you have collected in Adverity.

If you use the Management API, destinations are called Targets.

After you have created at least one destination, the Destinations page provides an overview of your destinations.

  1. Use these filters to view your destinations according to different properties. See below for more information about these filters.

  2. Click here to create a new destination.

  3. Click here for more options. The options available here depend on your role and permissions. For more information, see Managing user permissions.

The table in the middle of the Destinations page contains important information about your destinations in the following columns:

  • Type - the destination into which data is being loaded

  • Name - the name of this destination

  • Workspace - the workspace in which this destination was created

The filters above the table allow you to view specific destinations in the table. You can apply more than one filter at the same time to view specific destinations:

  • Workspace - displays all destinations that were created in the selected workspace

  • Type - displays all destinations of the selected type

Click Select an action in a specific destination's row in the table to perform additional actions with this destination. The actions you can perform are:

  • Delete destination - displays a list of objects that will be affected if you delete this destination, and allows you to delete this destination