Transferring data to Qlik Sense

This guide explains how to transfer data to Qlik Sense to store and further process information.


Qlik Sense is a Passive Destination. Qlik Sense pulls data from Adverity when you request it in the Qlik Sense user interface. When you collect data from the Datastream, it is not actively pushed to Qlik Sense. For more information, see Destination types.


Before you complete the procedure in this guide, perform all of the following actions:


To transfer data from a Datastream to Qlik Sense, create a REST connection in the Qlik Sense user interface with the following configuration. For more information on creating a REST connection in the Qlik Sense user interface, see the Qlik Sense documentation.

  1. In URL, write the following:


    Replace {{INSTANCE}} and {{DATASTREAM_ID}} with the values you found using the Management API.

  2. In Method, select GET.

  3. In Key generation strategy, select No keys.

  4. In Authentication Schema, select Anonymous.

  5. In the Query headers section, write the following:

    • In the Name field, write Authorization.

    • In the Value field, write Token {{TOKEN}}. Replace {{TOKEN}} with your authentication token to the Management API.

  6. Select the Allow response headers checkbox.

As a result, you created a REST connection in the Qlik Sense user interface. Use this REST connection to transfer data to Qlik Sense. The data transferred is always the most recent Data Extract from the Datastream.