Linkedin Lead Gen Forms Connector reference

This reference outlines the best practices for using the Linkedin Lead Gen Forms Connector.

Multiple Workspaces to separate leads

If you are an agency who handles multiple clients, dedicate a Workspace (or Workspaces in a Workspace Group) to each client. When configuring the Datastreams in the client-specific Workspaces, select the ad account for that client.

For more information on creating Workspaces, see Creating a Workspace in Connect, Enrich & Transfer.

Deleting ad accounts, campaigns, and forms

To delete a specific ad account, campaign, or form from a certain Datastream, apply an enrichment to the Data Extract containing the items to delete. Use the custom script cutout to delete the relevant ad accounts, campaigns, or forms.

GDPR compliance

To comply with GDPR regulations and control how long Data Extracts are stored, change the retention type settings in the Datastream configuration. For more information, see the Retention type section in Configuring advanced Datastream settings.

If a person requests their records removed from a Data Extract, use enrichments (such as cutout) to remove the relevant data from the Data Extracts.