YouTube Analytics Connector reference

This reference explains in detail how to work with your YouTube Analytics data in Adverity.


Before you complete the procedure in this guide, perform all of the following actions:

YouTube Analytics Datastream configuration options

To configure data collection from YouTube Analytics, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Workspace you work with in Adverity and then, in the platform navigation menu, click Datastreams.

  1. Select the YouTube Analytics Datastream.

  1. In the top navigation panel, click Settings.

Understanding Data Types, Report types and Reports

You can retrieve different data from a YouTube Analytics Datastream depending on your configuration on three different levels. These levels are the following:

Data Types

There are only two possible choices. Channel Report data type for regular users gathering data about a channel or Content Owner data type for content creators and owners.

Report types

There are three different report types. The following list explains the report types in detail:

  • Select Bulk report type to obtain data for more combinations of dimensions and metrics. Data for today is generated at 7:00 UTC. This means that, according to your time zone compared to UTC, it may take up to 48 hours to retrieve today's bulk data. You can only retrieve data for the last 60 days. Data older than 60 days is not stored in the Datastream. For more information, see the YouTube Analytics documentation.

  • Select Video Reports to retrieve data for videos. For more information, see Video reports for Channel Report data type and Video report for Content Owner data type in the YouTube Analytics documentation.

  • Select Playlist Reports to retrieve data for a specific playlist. For more information, see Playlist reports for Channel Report data type and Playlist reports for Content Owner data type in the YouTube Analytics documentation.


In this field, different options are available depending on the selected Data Type and Report type. A report specifies what dimensions and metrics you retrieve from the data source. For more information on the specification of reports, find the explanation and links to YouTube Analytics documentation below.

Advanced filters

Provide filters to be applied when collecting YouTube Analytics data. Use the filters according to the YouTube Analytics documentation.