Using Augmented Analytics in the Reveal element

This reference article explains how to use Augmented Analytics in the Reveal element.


The Reveal element enables you to analyze your marketing data to detect trends, anomalies, and gather campaign optimization recommendations.

The data analysis capabilities of the Reveal element work out of the box. After you authorize an account from a supported advertising system, Adverity continuously analyzes its data to detect marketing insights and pro-actively displays the findings.

There are four major parts of the Reveal element:

  • Proactive Analytics provides you with visualizations and important information about anomalies, trends, segment analysis, and budget suggestions.

  • The ROI Advisor helps you discover relationships between your investments and returns.

  • Forecasts help you monitor your spending against your planned budget.

  • Industry Benchmarks allows you to compare the performance of your campaigns against an industry average.

To get valuable insights, use Reveal for the following:

  • High-volume accounts (high amount of impressions, clicks, costs).

  • Accounts with at least 1 year of historical data. Adverity recommends 2 years of historical data for an accurate data model, and 5 years of historical data for a very accurate data model.

  • Campaigns that track conversions.

  • Campaigns with a continuous series of daily data.

Creating a Workspace structure in Reveal

When you start using the Reveal element, create Workspaces in the following way:

  • Ensure each Workspace contains accounts with the same currency and the same industry.

  • If your organization has multiple brands, create a separate Workspace for each brand.

  • If your organization is a media agency with multiple clients, create a separate Workspace for each client.

Onboarding data sources to Reveal

To receive marketing insights, onboard your data sources to the Reveal element.

After you onboard data sources, the Reveal element works with the data and generates new insights. You will receive the first insights within 48 hours. After this, Reveal will generate new insights every day at 07:00 UTC.