Using Proactive Analytics

This article explains how to use the Proactive Analytics page.


Proactive Analytics provides you with important information and visualizations about anomalies, trends and metric drops in your data.

The purpose of trend detection is to detect long-term trends. The time range is determined dynamically and can differ between trend widgets. A trend always ranges from the last turning point (change in the trend) up to the previous day.

In Proactive Analytics, individual insights are called findings. Proactive Analytics displays a timeline of findings based on your data. Adverity updates the timeline once a day. Every finding is rated low, medium or high depending on its impact. The impact rating shows how much attention you should pay to the displayed information.


Before you read this reference, perform all of the following actions:

When you start using Proactive Analytics, create workspaces in the following way:

  • If your organization has multiple brands, create a separate workspace for each brand.

  • If your organization is a media agency with multiple clients, create a separate workspace for each client.

Managing configurations

Findings in the Proactive Analytics timeline are generated based on the customized data that you have onboarded. The data is onboarded with configurations. A configuration is a group of selected dimensions, metrics and filters which will then be processed and turned into findings displayed in the Proactive Analytics timeline. Each finding also shows the configuration on which it is based.

To add new configurations, click + Add more configurations. For more information, see Onboarding data to Proactive Analytics.

To view and manage existing configurations, follow these steps:

  1. Select the workspace you work with in Adverity and then, in the platform navigation menu, click Proactive Analytics.

  2. In the top right corner of the page, click Configurations overview.

  3. To enable or disable a configuration, click the toggle next to it.

    Disabled configurations will not be used to generate future findings. Previously generated findings based on disabled configurations are not removed.

  4. To view the configuration details, click Show configuration.

Configurations overview

Filtering findings in Proactive Analytics

Filter the findings shown in Proactive Analytics to see the information you are most interested in. All findings are shown by default. Filtered results only show findings from the last 30 days.

To filter the findings, follow these steps:

  1. Select the workspace you work with in Adverity and then, in the platform navigation menu, click Proactive Analytics.

  2. Above the findings, click Apply filters.

  3. Use the right panel to filter the results. You can filter by the following options:

    • Configurations

    • Dimensions

    • Dimension values

    • Metrics

  4. Click Apply.