Collecting data from Instagram Business

This guide explains how to collect data from Instagram Business. To learn how to collect data from a different data source, go back to the Available data sources in Adverity overview.


For a list of the fields that you can collect from Instagram Business, see Instagram Business.

  • Instagram Business can collect a maximum of 1 million rows per single report. To fetch more data than this, split your fetch into smaller date ranges in the Initial Fetch step of creating a datastream.

  • Instagram Business collects data from an Instagram account that is connected to a Facebook page. To collect data from Instagram Business, ensure that the Instagram account you want to collect data from has the following permissions:

    • Access the profile and posts belonging to the Instagram account connected to your Facebook page

    • Manage comments on the Instagram account connected to your Facebook page

    • Access insights for the Instagram account connected to your Facebook page

Creating a datastream to collect data from Instagram Business

The basics of creating a datastream to collect data from any data source are explained in our guide to Creating a datastream. This guide contains information about the specific steps to create a datastream to fetch data from Instagram Business.

Authorization: Allow Adverity to access Instagram Business

  1. If you choose Access using your credentials or Access using someone else's credentials, in Set up or edit Accounts, you or the person granting access must choose one of the following options:

    • Choose Grant access to all Accounts, including those created in the future to allow Adverity to access all existing Accounts and all Accounts created in the future.

    • Choose Select specific Accounts to which you want to grant access to determine the specific Accounts that you want Adverity to access. Adverity will not automatically have access to Accounts created in the future. You will need to grant Adverity access to any Accounts created in the future.

    If you use your credentials to grant Adverity access to Instagram Business, all the Accounts available to you using your credentials will be visible in the Authorizations page to all Adverity users with permission to edit this authorization.

    If someone else uses their credentials to grant Adverity access to Instagram Business, the same applies to the Accounts available using their credentials.

    This is important to consider if you do not want all Adverity users with permission to edit the authorization to be able to see the details of the Accounts. For more information about user permissions, see Managing user permissions.

Configuration: Choose the data you want to collect from Instagram Business

To choose what data to collect and customize the Instagram Business datastream configuration, follow these steps:

  1. (Optional) Rename your datastream.

  1. In Report type, select the type of data to collect from Instagram Business.

  1. In Accounts, select the accounts for which to collect data. If you do not select any items in a drop-down list, Adverity collects data for all items in the drop-down list.

  1. In Period, select the time period that you want to use to group your data.

  2. In Hashtags, select the hashtags on which to collect data. The hashtags are displayed without the hash sign.

    You can collect data for up to 30 hashtags per business account within a 7-day period.

  1. In Fields, change the list of fields that you want to see in your data extract.

What's next?

Advanced Instagram Business tips

Collecting follower count metrics

To include follower counts in your Instagram Business report, use the following metrics:


This metric returns the current follower count for the profile at the time of the fetch. Historical data is not available for this metric.


This metric returns the follower count by audience for the selected time period.

Due to the following API limitations, the sum of the audience metric values may be less than the total follower count for the profile:

  • Audience metrics only return the top 45 results. For example, for audience_city, only the 45 cities with the highest number of followers will be returned.

  • Only users who have provided demographic data are included in demographic metric calculations.