Introduction to the Dashboards page

The Dashboards page is where you can create and manage dashboards.

A dashboard is a collection of widgets organized to present your data. You can share a dashboard to collaborate on it with other Adverity users, and to allow external users to view it.

After you have created at least one dashboard, the Dashboards page provides an overview of your dashboards.

  1. Use the Label filter to view your dashboards according to their labels. For more information about dashboard labels, see Creating and managing dashboard labels.

  2. Use these options to change the dashboard display from a grid (pictured above) to a table (pictured below).

  3. Select an option from this drop-down menu to sort your dashboards in order by name, the date on which they were created, the date on which they were most recently updated, or status.

  4. Click here to create a new dashboard.

  5. Click here to search for a dashboard by name.

  6. This section shows your private dashboards. In this image, the colored dots on the dashboards represent the labels assigned to these dashboards. Click the and icons next to the section heading to show and hide your private dashboards.

  7. (Only available to users with Administrator permissions) Use these options to view all dashboards in a section, or only dashboards that you have created.

  8. This section shows your public dashboards.

  9. Hover over a dashboard to see the Assign/Remove label and Show additional info options. Click Show additional info to view more information about the selected dashboard, and to access the Change dashboard name, Clone dashboard and Delete dashboard options.

    For more information about cloning a dashboard, see Cloning dashboards.

The image above shows the Dashboards page if you change the Display setting from a grid to a table. The Label filter, Display options, + Create dashboard button, and search function stay the same.

The following areas of the Dashboards page are different when your dashboards are shown in a table:

  1. Use these filters to view all dashboards, only private dashboards, or only public dashboards.

  2. Click these icons to perform the following additional actions with the selected dashboard:

    • Dashboard information - view additional information about this dashboard

    • Assign/Remove label - assign or remove a label on this dashboard

    • Change name - change the name of this dashboard

    • Clone dashboard - create an exact copy of this dashboard. For more information about cloning a dashboard, see Cloning dashboards.

    • Delete dashboard - delete this dashboard