Transferring data to Tableau

This guide explains how to transfer data to Tableau to store and further process information.


Tableau is a Passive Destination. After you set Tableau as the Destination of a Datastream, Tableau periodically pulls data from Adverity. When you collect data from the Datastream, it is not actively pushed to Tableau. For more information, see Destination types.


Before you complete the procedure in this guide, perform all of the following actions:


Transferring data to Tableau comes with the following limitations:

  • Tableau only pulls the 100 most recent Data Extracts.


To transfer data from a Datastream to Tableau, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Connect element and select the Workspace you work with in Connect, Enrich & Transfer.

  1. Select the chosen Datastream.

  1. In the top navigation panel, click Local Data Retention.

  2. In Extract Filenames , select Unique by day.

  3. In Key Date Column, select the date column in your Datastream.

  1. In the top navigation panel, click Overview.

  1. In the Destinations section, click + Add Destination.

  2. Click Passive Destination.

  1. In the Tableau section, find the Time Range Preset field. Select the time period for which Adverity collects data.

  2. In the Tableau section, find the URL field. Click Copy To Clipboard.

  3. Open Tableau.

  4. In Tableau, use the copied link and your Adverity login details to pull data from Adverity. For more information, see the Tableau documentation.